your dedicated partner

Airbridge Ltd. operates as pure GSSA and is not involved in any freight forwarding activity. It offers total neutrality and works with all cargo agents as their service partner.

Our long experience in the airfreight business has helped us to build up solid ground for the development of excellent personal and professional relations with the local freight forwarders and the handling agents. This gives us a confidence that our services are reliable and successful for our partners.

Our mission is to offer the best quality of our experience in this rapid developing and changing sector in Bulgaria, to share our knowledge with our principals and agents.

We provide our partner Airlines with regular market information and conduct route studies detailing traffic statistics and market rates.

Appointing Airbridge Ltd. as your Bulgarian cargo sales agent will mean that we will work closely with you to create a cargo product which is in tune with the requirements of Bulgarian airfreight market, providing maximum revenue and yield.

The overall effect of working with Airbridge is to enhance the revenue contribution which the Bulgarian cargo market generates for you.